It is recommended to use provided apt repository with automatic install script and built-in upgrade mechanism to make sure all the required dependencies and libs are installed properly by your package manager.

Arch Type sha1sum Download
i386 deb a9182301b12a2325511cb34aca965ebb7683b748 atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_i386.deb
amd64 deb d6836995070ff3aec3018e26a6a5a1ce60b6fd17 atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_amd64.deb
armhf deb 84d1d1cfc7f2e7e49ac705db371e868c5e92b293 atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_armhf.deb
i386 tar.gz 6c09c5524ec49451c0b4add26b7adfed6111b6cc atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_i386.tar.gz
amd64 tar.gz 53aa2ee824b5180d1db1a9b967d00225ff610a6a atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_amd64.tar.gz
armhf tar.gz 7a366d6ab549f1eba83a0e2b4d542663b61037f2 atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_armhf.tar.gz

All our .deb installer packages are signed with EAAE802E ID. It is always good idea to check installer signature before installing it if downloaded manually. Installer signature can be tested as follows:

$ dpkg-sig -c atomminer-cli_1.0.2_amd64.deb
Processing atomminer-cli_1.0.2_amd64.deb...
GOODSIG _gpgrepo A9D00905E8A46F74B08526B9C2310688EAAE802E 1551689523
GOODSIG _gpgrepo0 A9D00905E8A46F74B08526B9C2310688EAAE802E 1551689531

We also provide pre-configured OS images. More detailed information about our custom-tailored OS you can find under OS Section.

VM Arch sha1sum Download
OVA 32bit x86 f420f266f08be1bb803edd3ffcf7ee21193332fb atomminer_1.0.3RC3.ova

Provided ova image is in Open Virtualization Format 1.0 and can be used with both VmWare and VirtualBox with or without VT-x/VT-d enabled in bios. Though it is highly recommended to enable Virtualization technology in BIOS, if available to improve overall VM performance

Please refer to VM setup instructions for more details: