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AtomMiner Documentation Project

In this project we will try to maintain accurate and relevant information about our miners, mininig and our infrastructure. We will be publishing both end-user related documents related to configuration and operation of your AtomMiner mining rigs and farms along with more technical details including integration interfaces, API protocol, API endpoints, etc.

If you feel like published docs are being too geeky or too over-complicated, feel free to come visit our Telegram chat at for assistance.

Source code to this website is published on the github at and we would appreciate if you could send pull request on gihub if you found a mistake, typo or something is missing (or doesn't make sense) in the text! Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Documentation structure

  • Software this section provides information on configuration, installation and integration with out control software, atomminer-cli;
  • OS describes how to install and use our custom tailored OS designed to be exclusive miners controller;
  • Hardware is discussing most common hardware related questions including maintenance, connection and hardware limitations;
  • About idk...something will be there at some point.