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Device List

Returns list of known and connected miners.


$ curl localhost:9123/device
$ curl localhost:9123 --data-binary '{"cmd":"listdevice","params":[]}'
$ atomminer-cli --raw list device

Response example:

    "result": true,
    "error": null,
    "response": [{
        "serial": "76*************8",
        "type": "USB",
        "name": "AM01",
        "version": "",
        "firmware": "1.3",
        "lasterror": "",
        "working": true,
        "status": "Working",
        "allocation": "SLOTH",
        "algo": "keccak",
        "hashrate": 539636541.563268,
        "expected": 540000000.000000,
        "temp": 51.090387,
        "vcc": 0.989182,
        "vccaux": 1.779190,
        "power": 0,
        "accepted": 0,
        "rejected": 0,
        "hw": 0,
        "uptime": 364419
        "serial": "03*************a",
        "type": "USB",
        "name": "AM01",
        "version": "",
        "firmware": "1.1",
        "lasterror": "",
        "working": true,
        "status": "Working",
        "allocation": "BZL",
        "algo": "tribus",
        "hashrate": 25365356.346721,
        "expected": 25000000.000000,
        "temp": 39.87436,
        "vcc": 1.001282,
        "vccaux": 1.783261,
        "power": 900,
        "accepted": 0,
        "rejected": 0,
        "hw": 0,
        "uptime": 124425

Response fields

Field Type Description
result bool Indicates whether `response` contains actual data
error null or string `null` when response is present or error description otherwise
response Array List of device objects

Device object fields

Field Type Description
serial string Device serial number
type string Device connection type. Currently only USB devices supported
name string User-friendly device name
version string Device hardware version
firmware string Mining algo version
lasterror string Last device error or empty string
working bool Indicates if device is hashing at the request time
status string User-friendly device status
allocation string Coin symbol this device is currently allocated to
algo string Mining algorithm name
hashrate double Current device hashrate in h/s
expected double Expected device hashrate in h/s
temp double Current device temperature, degrees Celsius
vcc double Current core voltage, V
vccaux double Current auxilary voltage, V
power double Reserved for future use. Current device power consumption, W
accepted int Amount of correct solutions accepted by the pool
rejected int Amount of correct solutiosn rejected by the pool
hw int Amount of hardware errors. Note: device will be reset automatically if hardware errors excceds internal threshold
uptime int Seconds since device last reboot or reconfiguration