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Firmware List

Returns list of known firmware algo images.


$ curl localhost:9123/firmware
$ curl localhost:9123 --data-binary '{"cmd":"listfirmware","params":[]}'
$ atomminer-cli --raw list firmware

Response example:

    "result": true,
    "error": null,
    "response": [{
        "tag": "0256414828bd7b1327767b0c2075242661e5dde7",
        "file": "0B0001005D21BD5A.img",
        "size": 2884317,
        "algo": "sha256q",
        "hashrate": 150000000,
        "version": "01.00",
        "status": 1,
        "progress": 0
    }, {
        "tag": "11bddc94735a0f86c8f1db571b891ed0accd294d",
        "file": "0D0001005DEAB2C6.img",
        "size": 2955487,
        "algo": "tribus",
        "hashrate": 25000000,
        "version": "01.00",
        "status": 1,
        "progress": 0

Response fields

Field Type Description
result bool Indicates whether `response` contains actual data
error null or string `null` when response is present or error description otherwise
response Array List of firmware objects

Firmware object fields

Field Type Description
tag string Internal firmware ID
file string Firmware filename on disk
size int Size on disk in bytes
algo string Hashing algorithm
hashrate int Expected hashrate. Can be 0 for unofficial and non-public firmware images
version string Hashing algo version
status int Firmware status
progress int Download progress or 0 for downloaded images**

Firmware status is declared as following:

enum FwStatus {
    FwUnknown = 0,
    FwReady = 1,
    FwInvalid = 2,
    FwDownloading = 3,
    FwRemoteNew = 4,

** progress is holding current percentage if firmware status is FwDownloading. Progress value is 100*percent. Example: "progress":3478 stands for 34.78% of image has been downloaded.