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Pool List

Returns list of known pools.


$ curl localhost:9123/pool
$ curl localhost:9123 --data-binary '{"cmd":"listpool","params":[]}'
$ atomminer-cli --raw list pool

Response example:

    "result": true,
    "error": null,
    "response": [{
        "algo": "skein2",
        "address": "",
        "lasterror": "",
        "coin": "LOG",
        "alien": false,
        "type": "stratum",
        "status": "Online",
        "diff": 0.100000,
        "profitability": 4.290223,
        "coindiff": 3206.694090,
        "online": true,
        "user": "",
        "accepted": 888,
        "rejected": 0,
        "reconnects": 10
    }, {
        "algo": "keccak",
        "address": "",
        "lasterror": "",
        "coin": "SLOTH",
        "alien": false,
        "type": "stratum",
        "status": "Online",
        "diff": 256.000000,
        "profitability": 32.144139,
        "coindiff": 50.227412,
        "online": true,
        "user": "SYX8G4fGaNr7TPCLBPD7HRoLbUF2ABPETT",
        "accepted": 12203,
        "rejected": 0,
        "reconnects": 7

Response fields

Field Type Description
result bool Indicates whether `response` contains actual data
error null or string `null` when response is present or error description otherwise
response Array List of firmware objects

Firmware object fields

Field Type Description
algo string Hashing algorithm
address string Pool address
lasterror string Last pool error, if any
coin string Coin symbol or ticker
alien bool Indicates if pool supports AtomMiner extensions
type string Pool type. Currently supported: startum and cloud
status string Human readable pool state/status
diff double Current pool difficulty
profitability double Calculated coin profitability
coindiff double Global coin difficulty
online bool Indicates if pool is connected and operationable
user string Loging username
accepted int Amount of accepted shares
rejected int Amount of rejected shares
reconnects int How many times pool was reconnected to