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Log call

Returns system info.


$ curl localhost:9123/log?since=00000c88


$ curl localhost:9123 --data-binary '{"cmd":"log","params":["00000c88"]}'
CLI: 'N/A'

Response example:

    "tag": "debug",
    "message": "[2019-12-28 14:26:35] New job 3d received for PYE",
    "hash": "00000ce8"
}, {
    "tag": "",
    "message": "[2019-12-28 14:26:33] [SLOTH] Share A/R 20895/2 Accepted",
    "hash": "00000c8f"

Request fields

(optional) HTTP GET param since (first param in JSON params array) should be treated as mssages since. API call will return only log messages produced after the message identified via since hash.

Response fields

Field Type Description
tag string Log message category
message string Log message string
hash string Message hash ID. Can be used as `since` to receive newer messages after specified one