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Running Miner Software

Miner software is configured to start automatically on tty1 in the pre-configured Virtual Machine image, while you should start it manually on self-serviced Linux install.

Only one single running instance of the atomminer-cli is allowed at the time to prevent USB device misconfiguration and provide proper communication with minimal delays.

Start miner

To start software just type in your terminal

If software can be started, it will start with the log similar to following:
~$ atomminer-cli
AtomMiner CLI Miner 1.0.3RC3 
  -- built on Jun  1 2019 18:59:15 with x86_64 GCC 5.4.0 20160609

 Running on   : linux 4.4.0-135-generic x86_64
 OS           : Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
 Virtual  RAM : 0kB/3.18GB/8.38GB
 Physical RAM : 4.66MB/6.04GB/7.60GB
 CPU          : 4x2.4GHz 0.00/21.68

[2019-06-03 10:53:24] + Starting miner...
[2019-06-03 10:53:24] + Starting Device Manager...
[2019-06-03 10:53:24] + Starting Pool manager...
[2019-06-03 10:53:24] + Running...waiting for a job from the pool
In case atomminer-cli is already running on this machine, information about running instance will be printed out: running process ID, uptime and whether API and/or WWW servers are started.
~$ atomminer-cli
AtomMiner CLI Miner 1.0.3RC6 
  -- built on Dec 21 2019 08:43:41 with x86_64 GCC 5.4.0 20160609

AtomMiner CLI v.1.0.3RC6 is already running with PID 26325.
   Status :  Running  with PID: 26325 for 2 days 53:46:42
   API srv:  On   at http://esdev:9123
   Cloud  :  Off

Stop miner

To stop running instance of atomminer-cli you can add stop keyword to the cli. Example output:

~$ atomminer-cli stop
AtomMiner CLI Miner 1.0.3RC3 
  -- built on Jun  1 2019 18:59:15 with x86_64 GCC 5.4.0 20160609

+ Stopped atomminer-cli with PID:19516
in case there's no running instance found, output will be as follows:
~$ atomminer-cli stop
AtomMiner CLI Miner 1.0.3RC3 
  -- built on Jun  1 2019 18:59:15 with x86_64 GCC 5.4.0 20160609

AtomMiner CLI is not started. Please start the CLI and try again


There's multiple options of setting up atomminer-cli to start and begin mining on system startup at user's choice. Most popular choices are: * Create a symlink to user's autostart items. Cons: miner will not start until user is logged in * Create a system service that will start miner. Cons: will be started as root with no option to see real-time log * Add autostart via cron in terminal multiplexer

For simplicity, below are instructions on how to run have atomminer-cli to autostart with screen multiplexe and cron. First of all you will need screento be installed as it is not default package in some linux distributions. To install screen on Debian based distro (Ubuntu, Raspbian, etc.):

sudo apt-get install screen
we've included autostart script with atomminer-cli for miner's convenience that will keep restarting cli if something bad happened or miner was accidentally stoped from another terminal. Helper script is located at /var/atomminer/atomminer. To use enable this script to be started at every system boot edit cron jobs by typing
crontab -e
in the opened editor add followinf line at the very bottom:
@reboot screen -dmS cli /var/atomminer/atomminer
save an exit. Now /var/atomminer/atomminer will be started in the named (background) terminal every time system boots up even if user is not logging in.

Upon login you can check if your screen has started:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ screen -ls
There are screens on:
    4466.cli    (17/05/19 21:22:57) (Detached)
1 Sockets in /run/screen/S-pi.

to attach to the named screen from the current terminal following command can be used:

screen -r cli
that should attach current terminal to the cli terminal runnin atomminer-cli and show real-time miner log